Product Care

Here's is the proper way to care for your items and give them all the love possible, this way they last a very long time.

While gold filled is more durable than gold plated, we still suggest you treat it with the same love and care as plated.

Let's Avoid the 5 S's

  • Swimming: Make sure to remove all pieces before swimming, especially in chlorine pools.
  • Sweat: We recommend not wearing your pieces to the gym or preforming vigorous exercise. Try to avoid excessive sweating when wearing the pieces.
  • Sleep: We don't recommend sleeping with your pieces because chains can get tangled, or break off.
  • Showering: Remove your pieces before showering or taking a bath.
  • Sprays: Avoid excess chemicals on your pieces like perfumes, lotions, or abrasive cleaners. We recommend putting on your jewelry pieces after perfume and/or lotion, to ensure these chemicals don't interact with the metals.


We provide you with an organza bag for each piece, so you can store them properly.

  • Store your jewelry where it won't rub against hard surfaces. Please store each item in the organza bags, that way you can avoid scratching.
  • Do not store with other metals, this can ruin the product quickly.
  • Wipe your jewelry down with a cotton ball or a soft polishing cloth to remove any dust or dirt acquired throughout the day. 
  • If your pieces seem like they need a deeper cleaning, you may use warm soapy water. Let it soak for a few minutes and proceed to clean it with a soft bristled brush. STAY AWAY from jewelry cleaners and antibacterial soaps which may contain certain ingredients that will cause your pieces to tarnish a lot faster.



Our jewelry products will not turn green nor stain your skin green. 

Keep in mind it is gold plated jewelry so wear and tear will occur. 

Our pieces are plated with durable materials, it all depends on the care YOU give the pieces.

*Be aware tarnishing may occur when interacting with sulfur and other acids/chemicals. Tarnishing will occur with the years to come*

PLEASE read our FAQ and Policies for more information on warranty and specific product details.

Addition: Please be VERYYY cautious and careful when adjusting rings to the desired size. You must be very careful when adjusting rings. If you don’t want to risk damaging the ring, please leave a note in the order with the size needed so we can adjust it accordingly. We cannot and will not be held responsible for what occurs to rings when someone else is adjusting the sizing.